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The Updated GolfBookie is Here

Now you can keep track of all your tournament bets!
You can also select your scorers and typical bet on the new Control Panel feature.

Take a Spin!

Try Out the Demo Group Site. Check out all of Golfbookie's features here. Go ahead and record bets, check Moneylists and Mano a Mano stats, add players, etc.

Keep Track of your Group's Bets

At your group can keep track of all your golf bets. Log all your individual and team bets, skins bets, and "the nines" bets, which is a great way to bet in a threesome. You can also keep track of any points-based bets, such as Calcuttas or "Bingo-Bango-Bongo."

Keep an Annual Moneylist

Golfbookie keeps all your bets for a calendar year and creates a moneylist; at the end of year, the results will be archived, and a new year's moneylist will begin.

Easy Setup

Just go to New Groups Signup; Sign up your group, then login to your custom home page to record and view all your betting and stats.

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